Google Ads Account Appeal Form


Google Ads Account Appeal Form
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1、Basic Information

Ads Account ID: 

Account lifetime spend: US$


Company Address: xxx

Business License number: xxx

Warehouse Location Address: xxx

2、Company Background

Shenzhen xxx Co., LTD., legally registered in 2015, is located in xxx SHENZHEN.

Our company is an international B2C platform focusing on sales of xxx, pursuing high-quality goods and services.

The company currently employs more than 30 people, including the sales department and the export department. After processing and packaging, it is mainly exported to the United States, Europe and Australia.

3、Summary of Issue

Dear Google official, I recently received an email from my gmail mailbox stating that my advertising account violates the counterfeit goods in Google’s policies.

Our company is committed to bringing customers a good shopping experience. Founded in November 2015, it is a company specializing in xxx and has its own factory.

Our company is an xxx. At the same time, we also own the registered trademark of  xx(品牌商标名).

I have checked all products, and all product copywriting is true and objective, including the product’s R mark and parameter descriptions. And there are no site-wide discounts on my website. All product pictures in this store are taken in kind, and there is no act of stealing other people’s pictures.

I sincerely hope that the official staff can review our Google Ads account again. Thanks!

4、What have sales & advertisers amended to improve the account after account suspended?

Website contact us info:

Shipping policy:

Return&refund policy: 


Online purchase means: Paypal

Product change: re-optimized the product page, and checked all products, no site-wide promotions were set, product pictures were actually shot, no pirated product description true curve.

5、xxx brand authorization letter (如商标是授权的需有授权证明)

6、xxx registered trademark

  1. Picture material original certificate

8、Business license

Company Name: Shenzhen xxx Co., LTD.

Company Address :xxx, SHENZHEN

9、Amazon store(or other store) owned by our company



10、Factory photos and Company office photos(带品牌名或者公司logo)

11、Domain name background screenshot

12、FB、 Instagram、Pinterest、Youtube channel account Picture(如有)


Google 商品类别 [google_product_category]


Google ads/GMC 申诉信通用模板



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